Blanes: holiday apartment or hotel?

From time to time we receive questions such as this one, from Mrs. Emily W, in Hastings, England:

My husband and I have spent several holidays in Blanes, always staying in hotels.

We’re planning to return in the late summer of 2013, and are considering whether we should try a self catering holiday apartment.

What are the main benefits of such an apartment over a hotel?

We think the benefits and advantages will be different for everyone, but the vast majority of our guests say they enjoy the sense of freedom, the idea of a ‘home away from home,’ and the fact that staying at one of our apartments feels more like a vacation.

Coastline of Blanes as seen from Seaview Apartment 5

Coastline of Blanes as seen from Seaview Apartment 5

Small wonder:

  • Our holiday apartments are located in a residential neighborhood, in the characteristic old town center of Blanes rather than in the impersonal hotel district.
  • Your neighbors are Catalonians rather than people from countries across Europe and beyond.
  • You buy fresh bread at the local bakery instead of lining up for breakfast with hundreds of other hotel guests.
  • When you want tapas you get them at an authentic tapas bar instead of from a fish-n-chips shop.
  • Picking a good restaurant is easy: just watch where the locals go — and you won’t see them anywhere in the tourist district.
  • The beaches near (and we mean very near) both our locations are preferred by the locals, whereas the beaches near the hotels are full of hotel- and camping guests.

And the list goes on…

Our guests have also mentioned the fact that you can enjoy local food, fresh seafood in particular, rather inexpensively.

They prefer to dine at local restaurants, tapas bars and other eateries instead of having to put up with hotel food served during certain times only.

Blanes holiday apartment - Beach 2

A look inside our Beach Apartment, number 2

Others marvel at the wealth of shops on offer in the local shopping district.

Anything you can imagine is available within walking distance.

That’s a lot better than the rows upon rows of hole-in-the-wall stalls in the hotel district all selling the same towels, key rings and ‘Made in China’ souvenirs.

Again, we could go on, but you get the picture.

We invite you to take a look at our Beach Apartments as well as our Seaview Apartments.

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