Blanes? Rent Our Fishing Boat

While Blanes is one of most popular beach resorts along the Costa Brava, the town also still derives a lot of income from its fishing fleet.

When you walk along the boulevard or dine at one of the outdoor restaurants at night, you see the fishing boats leave one by one — only to return the next day in the late afternoon.

Fishing boat in Blanes

Join us for a boat ride along the coast or a fishing trip off the coast of Blanes

As anyone who has visited the fish auction at the harbor can attest, the sea is very generous here.

Each evening you can also see some of the old fishermen launch their sloops from the beach at Sa Palomera, and return some time later with their catch for that evening’s dinner.

Pole fishing — along the beach, parts of the harbor or the peer near the yacht club — is also very popular. And then there those folks who don a wet suit and, harpoon at the ready, take to the water.

As for us? A few years ago we bought ourselves a fishing boat, and we regularly take people on board — either for a tour along the coast or for a couple of hours of fishing off the coast of Blanes.

Sea fishing Blanes

Rent our fishing boat, captain provided

It’s quite an experience!

If you want to join us, get in touch by completing the form below this post. Customers — people who stay at any of our apartments — receive a discount.

  • Fishing for Calamares
    Takes place between 7 pm and midnight. We’ll take a maximum of 3 people. Customers pay € 70,00 in total. Others pay € 85,00
  • Currican Fishing
    We fish along the coast for Mackerel or Bonitos, for two hours either during the morning or afternoon. Max. 6 people, for a total of € 70,00 (customers) or € 85,00 (others). Note that the maximum speed for this type of fishing is 5 knots (a little of 9 km/hour or a little under 6 mph/hour).
  • Boat Tour Along The Coast
    If you simply want to take a boat tour along the coast, about 1 hour, we take a maximum of 7 passengers for a total of € 60,00 (customers) or € 75,00 (others).
  • Each hour extra: € 30,00


It is not possible to reserve the boat ahead of time. We’re dependent upon the wind, other weather conditions, and the availability of a captain.

So if you want to go fishing or take a boat tour it’s best to get in touch with us during your vacation. That way we can discuss the options.

Please use this form only for inquiries regarding our the boat. (Click here to contact us for anything else)

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