What is self catering?

‘Self catering’ means that you cater for yourself. In other words, you buy and prepare your own food and drink, wash your own dishes, and make your own bed.

We provide you with a furnished apartments, complete with a fully equipped kitchen. The apartments also have a washing machine — either in the apartment itself or on the roof terrace.

Self catering is popular because it allows people to have a home away from home.

For instance, unlike in hotels, you are not bound to certain meal times — nor do you have to eat whatever the hotel has scheduled.

Fresh fruit and vegetables market in Blanes

Fresh fruit and vegetables market in Blanes

Instead, you can enjoy a breakfast with fresh bread from a nearby bakery. Or perhaps lunch at, say, Casa Oliveras — one of Blanes’ most popular cafes.

And for dinner you can either select from a wide range of eateries and restaurants, or prepare a fine meal at home with vegetables bought at the daily fruit- and vegetable market.

Tapas? Terrassans, of course.

One very important reason why many people prefer our self catering apartments over hotels is that our homes are situated within the old town center of Blanes.

Instead of spending your vacation at an impersonal hotel located in the rather uninspiring ‘tourist district,’ you live among the locals.


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